The "online" market in India


The Indian online market is one of the world’s largest. It is expected to grow from US$188 billion by 2025. The online market in India offers a...

Why SEO is more than just Keywords: The Expert's Advantage


In today's digital age, having an online presence is crucial for any business to thrive. However, simply having a website or social media accounts is...

SEO strategy that works for you in 2023


  Create an SEO strategy that works for you in 2023;   Step #1: Benchmark your current SEO performance by observing your organic traffic,...

Grow organically within your network


Organic growth is a slow process that relies on developing connections and trust. It's a process that requires tolerance and understanding of your fol...

Website marketing through conversion funnel


The conversion funnel is a marketing concept that describes the process of turning prospects into customers. The conversion funnel is a marketing...

Web Data Analysis for your online business


Web data analysis is the process of collecting, analyzing, and reporting data collected from websites. Data can be collected from a website’s ho...

Factors that guarantee the success of a website


When it comes to a website, there are many factors that can determine its success. One of the most important factors is the design and user experience...

Video marketing


Brands need a videotape marketing strategy. Although this idea isn't new, what has changed moment is the significance that the audiovisual format has...

Web data analysis


Web data analysis is the process of extracting useful information from data collected from a website. Web data analysis has many applications in...

Setting up a standard website for your business


The following points should be considered to line up a regular website for your business. 1) Define your goals and objectives. 2) Create an internet...

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